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Laburnum has many activities available for school or youth groups:

Kayaking and Canoeing

6 week courses or one-off sessions, to build water confidence, team work and can be used as the outdoor educations section of the curriculum or as PE lessons


Rock Climbing

6 week or one-off courses to suit PE curriculum.



Kayaking or rock climbing can offer a very high grade to those who are not traditionally sporty, or those that are!



We have recently run both kayaking and H&S modules for local secondary schools.

Fun / Reward sessions

All of the above activities can be run as 'fun', non-curriculum based activities.


We have 2 narrowboats, that can provide fully-participatory trips for a whole class at once. These are particularly good for all ages and abilities and have been used previously as part of art projects, history (especially industrial revolution or canal building) and maths lessons.


Key stages

Activities can be run to suit any Key stage, particularly looking at the use of water, the industrial revolution, buildings etc.

After-school Clubs

Weekly activity sessions, often used as a reward for small groups or to build team work and resiliance

Duke of Edinburgh Award

We can provide Skill and Physical modules (such as kayaking. rock climbing or First Aid training) to school groups and in some circumstances, individual members of our Youth Club can access residential and volunteering as well


We can tailor sessions to meet the needs of your pupils. Please contact Beth at the Club to discuss your needs and to make a booking.


Please note that we are often over-subscribed for the late summer term half-term, so tend to offer discounts for the winter and autumn terms.

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