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Youth Watersports Training Project


It's part-time and you can do as much or as little as you like, no experience required.

Youth Training

The youth watersports training project is a vocational training course for 16-19 year olds who want to become watersports coaches. All equipment is provided so all you need to do is turn up! See our courses for all the training we provide.


You will need to be a Paddle UK member and a member of Laburnum Boat Club (£110 per year) and then everything is FREE! 

Past Trainees

All of the staff who worked at Laburnum over Summer 2023 were current or previous trainees. You will also find past trainees at many London paddlesport centres. Including Leaside, West Reservoir, Islington Boat Club and Canalside.

Current Trainee

"They (Laburnum Boat Club) have provided me with essential skills such as building confidence off and on the water and influenced a positive mindset towards not only myself but young people in living in Hackney. Laburnum have also provided the experience of working in the real world. Being apart of their team has widened my understanding of how important being a role model is."

Past Trainee

"Thank you so much for letting me work for Laburnum I doubt myself a lot but working this week gave me responsibility and purpose which really helped me with how I view myself mentally so I'm eternally grateful for the confidence boost"

Current Trainee

"The training courses I've been able to attend, thanks to Laburnum Boat Club, have been fantastic for my personal and professional development. They've equipped and excited me to start coaching all kinds of people at various
levels and I'm looking forward to taking my training further as a general canoe and kayak coach before specialising in
freestyle kayaking."
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