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Our Aims

Laburnum Boat Club aims to be an inclusive club with a session suitable for everyone, regardless of ability. With our experienced and dedicated support staff, disabled children and those with SEN or additional support needs can join one of our clubs and enjoy the activities we have on offer.

Outline of kayak and paddle

Our Boats

Paddlesports are very inclusive and people are often surprised by how accessible they are.

They can be fitted with specialist adaptive equipment such as supportive seats, paddle grips, neck support etc, making the whole experience more meaningful and comfortable for people with limited mobility.

Lady Mildmay is our accessible narrowboat, it has ramp access and a lift and takes up to 12 people.

Our Site

We have accessible toilets, showers, changing rooms and canal side hoist. Steps, railings, door frames etc are all painted in contrasting colours to aid people with limited vision.

Opening Times

Term Time:

Monday 4-7pm (13-18yrs)

Thursday 4-7pm (9-13yrs)

Sessions can also be booked in for the school holidays.

Sports Club

A weekly club with 10 regular members and 3/4 support staff. Every week we do a different activity at Laburnum or another local facility. Favourite activities include Bowling, Kayaking, Cycling, Adventure Playground and Cooking!


Evening session: £2

Annual membership: £100

Annual membership is valid for 12 months from the date that it is paid. This entitles the member to free entry to all sessions at the club excluding trips.

Opening Times

A fortnightly club run on Sunday afternoons for young people (16-25) with additional needs.

Out and About Club

The aim of the session is to engage them in new and exciting activities that help promote and improve their personal and social growth.


Sessions cost £5. 

Local resident and parent of an autistic child

“The club and the staff at Laburnum have changed our lives as a family for the better in so very many ways, and have been there for us at the best and the worst of times. "

Local resident and parent of an autistic child

"Laburnum Boat Club has been my rock, my sanctuary, and my second family. They offer not just practical assistance, but also emotional support and understanding, which is invaluable to me. Without them, I would have struggled to balance the demands of parenting, working, and self-care."

Young Person who has attended Sports Club and Out & About

"I like Laburnum because I can see my friends at Out and About. We can choose our activities and places to visit like the trampoline park. It is good because it is sometimes difficult to do these things outside of Laburnum"
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